About Anam Cara Croft

We moved here from rural Aberdeenshire at the very end of 2011 and set about developing a diversified croft.poly-tunnel

The ribbons of green fertile grassland which surround the loch exist thanks to the toil of our predecessors. Stone drains and dykes were built by hand to improve the land when the crofts were established early in the 1800’s during the Highland Clearances. See James Hunter‘s excellent book “The Making of the Crofting Community” for a detailed historical account.

Iron Age PigsLearning from local crofters we used traditional techniques such as lazy-beds fertilized with seaweed gathered from the shore at the bottom of the croft.

Our croft is currently let to some local crofters who depending on when you visit will be raising sheep, pigs, ducks and chickens. Please respect their animals and their right to access teh croft land in front of the house.

The Spice Route reflects our interest and experience in Asian foods which grew from living, working and travelling in the Middle East, India and South East Asia over the past 20 years. Through our network of friends we have had the opportunity to taste and learn how to cook authentic home-style dishes from scratch.